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A beautiful form of healing encompassing the body, mind and soul; and one which spans various cultures and the ages. The sessions have made me feel that all of these elements are as threads being woven together to nurture a steady beat and harmony from within. - Constance

Schedule a Session

Sessions are either in-person at my office or at-a-distance.

Your first session will be between an hour and an hour and a half, which allows us time to get to know one another a little before beginning. After that, sessions are about an hour.

If your location or situation requires that we work at-a-distance, please contact me and we will discuss how that works and what is required.

Appointments are available on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 10 and 4, and on Saturday mornings between 9 and noon.

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Cell: 647-244-8446

In my work with Debbie I was given a chance to travel back and heal relationships that had been left untended for many years. Through her careful and intentional process we opened up space to loosen great masses of unhelpful energy and together we flushed out a number of toxic congestions. She saw me through a very difficult experience with arthritis and helped to reduce (and sometimes eliminate) the presence of a chronic tinnitus and dizziness. - Dale

why see a shaman?

  • Are you plagued by aches and pains or injuries that just don't seem to get better?
  • Are you suffering from a chronic illness?
  • Do emotional wounds of the past have you locked into a cycle of self-inflicted suffering?
  • Do you yearn to grow, to become all that you can be?

photo by Jenn Andersen-Giberson

If so, you may be ready for the transforming and healing power of energy medicine.

Shamans treat a wide range of ailments such as anxiety and depression, fears and phobias. Some come to Shamans to help them manage pain from cancer and other diseases, and to speed healing times from surgery. Non-invasive, soothing and gentle, shamanic healing is an ideal complement to traditional medicine and alternative therapies, and is open to people of all ages.

A Shaman helps you to heal - by bringing mind, body and spirit into harmony and balance. This allows you to regain the world of joy, health, stillness, abundance and love.

Debbie has been trained by the Four Winds Society in the ancient wisdom teachings of the Americas and received certification in Luminous Healing & Energy Medicine.

As a Shaman, she clears negative imprints in the energy field before they express as disease in the body, and helps clients recover vibrant health.

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As a breast cancer survivor I cannot imagine travelling my journey without Debbie Andersen. She helped me on some of my darkest days to see the light and know that I was going to thrive in life. Her gifts of seeing my energy ebbs and flows enabled her to direct her healing energies to key areas that gave me the most benefit. Debbie trusts her keen intuitive senses and continues to develop them to benefit her healing practices. Debbie's strengths make her a great choice if anyone is needing any healing and clearing of energy blocks. I continue to see Debbie to help me stay in the flow of a healthy, strong body and soul. - Sharon

about debbie andersen

Debbie is a Shaman, trained by the Four Winds Society, and a member of the Therapeutic Touch Association. Although she holds university degrees in psychology and languages, she is most passionate about helping people live healthy, happy lives. A yogi and organic food enthusiast, she lives in Claremont, Ontario and Naples, Florida with her husband and various animals as most of the kids have moved out.

In addition to her skills and knowledge of energy medicine and deep spirituality, Debbie brings more than two decades of experience as a human resources professional leading individuals and groups to understand their heart's passion and how to achieve it.

photo by Jenn Andersen-Giberson

Having a session with Debbie is a wonderful and beneficial experience! After a session I always feel my time has been well spent and my body is the better for it. The experience can be like a short trip to a special place ... enjoyable and meaningful. - Heather

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